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Lingerie Care Guide

Here at The Bra Consultancy, we understand that once you have found lingerie that you love, you want it to last as long as possible!

Often bras tend to be thrown into the washing machine, but this can really damage your lingerie. That's why we're here, to pass on our knowledge on the best way to wash and care for your lingerie and swimwear so that you can love wearing it for even longer!

What is the best way to wash my bras?

We recommend that you hand wash your lingerie - it's really easy, we promise!

Our fitters swear by an amazing handwash product called soak, which is available in a number of scrumptious scents. To use, simply fill your sink with lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of soak. Then pop your lingerie in the sink and leave it for 15 - 20 minutes. Then all you have to do is remove the garments from the sink and leave them to air dry, no need to rinse or wring.

How to dry my bras?

When drying your lingerie avoid all sources of direct heat, such as tumble dryers and radiators, because this can damage the elasticity of your bras. This, in turn, can affect the fit of your underwear, which is why it is so important for your lingerie to be left to air dry. We recommend air drying your underwear for up to two days so that it can fully dry, so make sure that you have plenty of lingerie to wear whilst your others dry!

Does washing my bra by hand really matter?

In short, YES! We understand that washing your bras in the machine may seem like the easy option, but it can also damage the plastic tips on the ends of your underwires and cause them to push through their casing, causing them to scratch your skin or get stuck in your washing machine.

How often do I need to wash my bras?

Our team at The Bra Consultancy recommend washing your bras every two to three wears, but there is no set rule for this.

Instead, judge how many bras you have in rotation, as well as factors such as how hot the weather is. This is because, the warmer the weather, the more likely you are to be hot and sweating in your underwear, and so you will have to wash them more often. 

How to store my bras?

Storing your bras properly will only help them to last as long as possible!

Therefore, it's our top tip to line your bras up in your underwear drawer with space in between them. This way your bras will keep their shape for longer. This is particularly important with moulded bras, where the cups should never be folded inside each other in order to prevent damage to the moulded fabric.

Storing your lingerie in this way will also help to reduce the risk of the wires bending or hooks catching on lace.

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How to wash my swimwear?

Much like with your lingerie, to make sure that your swimwear lasts as long as possible, we suggest washing by hand.

How often should I wash my swimsuit?

Our fitters recommend that you wash your swimwear every few wears. However, to keep your swimsuit in tip-top condition we suggest that you rinse it in cold water immediately after every wear to rinse away any saltwater or chlorine that can damage the fibres of your swimsuit.

How to keep my swimwear from fading?

We recommend drying your bikinis and swimsuits out of direct sunlight to prevent the colours from lightening.

Why does my swimsuit turn yellow?

Another of our top tips is to make sure that your sun cream is completely dry before you put your swimwear on, as suncream that hasn't dried can leave yellow stains that are difficult to remove.

Why do my swimsuits lose their stretch?

We recommend that you leave your swimsuit out to air dry instead of tumble drying as elastane, the thing that makes your swimsuit stretchy really doesn't like heat. 

How do chlorine and saltwater affect my swimwear?

Another of our top tips is to rinse your swimwear in cold water after a dip in the pool or ocean, to get rid of the chlorine or salt as these chemicals can damage the fabric and colour of your swimsuit. 

The Bra Consultancy is a lingerie boutique based in Maldon, Essex offering only the best lingerie, that has been handpicked, tried and fit tested by us for you!

Specialising in Fashion, Sports, Maternity & Nursing, Post-Mastectomy and Swimwear, our boutique holds an extensive range in order to help you find your perfect fit.

We believe that shopping for lingerie should be an experience, and so we offer all of our customers an exclusive and relaxed environment for our personalised bra fitting consultations. 

The Bra Consultancy offers only the finest lingerie, so whether you're a lingerie addict or never been fitted before, we have that perfect piece for you!  

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