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The Bra Consultancy Help Centre

  • What happens during a bra fitting?
    A bra fitting with us is an 'uplifting' experience from start to finish! Your fitter will start by introducing themselves and discussing any difficulties or struggles that you may have had whilst bra shopping in the past, as well as the styles that you love, and usually wear. Once one of our expert fitters has guided you into your fitting room, they will ask you to remove any layers so that you are just left in your current bra. Your fitter will then 'fit by sight', which is a more accurate way of measuring you for your correct size without the use of a tape measure. This means we will fit you correctly by assessing how your current bra fits on your body and from this assessment we can determine if it is the correct size for you or if you need to change your band and/or cup size. ​ Your fitter will then go and get a number of different options for you to try on, picking the best styles for you depending on your size and shape. ​ We would usually stay in the fitting room with you, to help you into each bra, as well as to adjust the straps, ensuring that each bra fits you perfectly. However, if you would be more comfortable for our fitters to remain outside whilst you pop the bra on, and only return to double-check the fit, this is also an option that will be offered to you at the start of the consultation. ​ Once all pieces have been tried, all you have to do is pick your favourites to go home with you.
  • What happens in a teen fitting?
    At The Bra Consultancy, we understand how nerve wracking it can be to get fitted for your first bra, with worries from what the fitting process is to how it will feel wearing a bra for the first time. Which is why our teen fittings have a few key differences from our standrad fitting process, as explained above. ​ To help our teen clients feel as comfortable as possible, we will spend more time outside of the fitting room explaining who we are and what the fitting process entails to ensure that there are no surprises during the consultation. ​ Parents/Guardians are also welcome to join us in the fitting room if this is what the client would prefer. We leave this option open to choice, so that the client can choose what will be best for their needs. ​ We often find that our teen clients prefer to be seen by a younger fitter, as they find them more relatable and makes them feel more comfortable throughout the process. If you think that this might be the case, you can always request to see Kayleigh when booking your appointment with us.
  • What sizes do you offer?
    At The Bra Consultancy, we offer a large range of bra sizes, from 28 - 52 back and AA - KK cups. We also offer an eclectic range of swimwear up to a K cup.
  • What is the correct way of putting my bra on?
    We recommend that you lean forward as you're putting on your bra, making your breasts as pendulous as possible as this and fasten on the loosest hook and eyes. This motion will ensure that you are sitting right at the bottom of the cups from the outset. Then make sure that the under band is sitting horizontally all around your body, and that the shoulder straps are not digging in. We recommend that you should be able to pull your shoulder straps about an inch away from the body.
  • Why are my shoulder straps digging in?
    The main reason that the shoulder straps of your bra are digging in is that they are too tight. This is usually because the bra that you're wearing is too loose, and so to give the desired support you have tightened the shoulder straps too much.
  • Why does my bra ride up at the back?
    If you find yourself tugging at your bra all day, it could be because you're wearing your back size too loose. A correctly fitting bra will sit parallel all the way around your body. It is important that your band is firm, as this is the part of the bra that should be supporting 80% of your bust weight.
  • Why do I get a 'double-breast' effect in my bra?
    If your breasts are overspilling out of the cups, this is a sign that your cup size is too small.
  • How often should I be getting fitted?
    Even if you have been fitted before, your bra size can fluctuate regularly, we recommend having a fitting every 6 months as various factors can alter the size and shape of your breasts. Weight loss & gain, pregnancy & breastfeeding, as well as the menopause, can all have an effect.
  • How should I wash my lingerie and swimwear?
    To get the most longevity out of your lingerie and swimwear, always hand wash your garments using a mild detergent. We recommend using Eucalan, a rinse-free, environmentally friendly plant-based product. With Eucalan, there is no endless rinsing, as dirt and oils are trapped in the water and pulled away from your lingerie.
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