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Here at The Bra Consultancy, we understand that many women can experience a loss of confidence following cancer treatment, with worries about the way they look following surgery. 


That's why our friendly fitters are always on hand to expertly guide you through finding the right bra to help restore confidence and femininity during and following your breast cancer journey.

All of our compassionate consultants have completed numerous specialised bra fitting courses as well as undergone rigorous in-house training to ensure that you only receive the best care during your bra fitting experience with us. 

To be as accessible as possible for all of our clients, we offer our unique personal service in our boutique store or within the comfort of your own home.


For more information about the full range of services that we offer, give us a call on 07790 270503, or email us at

We offer an extensive range of post-surgery and mastectomy bras, as well as a full range of standard and partial breast prosthesis. We only work with the leading breast care brands including Anita and Royce to ensure that you choose the right product, at the right price for you.

We also hold a beautiful range of pocketed swimwear perfect for that trip to the pool or beach, as well as breast prosthesis specially designed to withstand frequent use in chlorine or saltwater.

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