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The most common question we get asked in our boutique is...

"What size am I?"  

However, it might surprise you to learn that most women are rarely the same size in every bra. Instead, you will find that your size will vary across brands, and sometimes even styles from the same manufacturer depending on the fabrics used.

Rather than focusing on size, we prefer to assess the fit of a bra, to ensure that that particular style fits you like a glove, not only giving the right level of support but also giving you the shape that you are after!

So, here's our Fit Guide full of all of our top-secret tips and tricks to ensure that you always have that perfectly fitting bra!

Measuring yourself with a tape measure can be tricky and unreliable, as a tape measure is only there to give a rough guide. Our aim with this guide is to demonstrate how the perfect bra should fit and where you may be going wrong. 

Firm Bra Band!


When you first purchase a bra, you need to ensure that it fastens on the loosest setting. You should be able to comfortably slide two fingers along the inside of the back band. As the bra stretches with everyday wear and washing, we need to make sure that the bra is offering you the best support, and so over time, you can tighten the band with the next set of hooks and eyes.

Once the bra is fastened, the band must follow a horizontal line all the way around your body. The best way to check this yourself, it to stand side on and look in a mirror. As well as changing your posture, a firm back band will give you extra support. 

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