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Our Top Tips for Working from Home!

Working from home sounds like an amazing prospect until you're forced into it with no idea how to navigate this new workspace that lacks a real desk and that's way too close to the fridge. These tips will get you started on the best ways to increase your productivity during this period of social distancing. Our first tip is to create a designated workspace. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to fall into the trap of staying in bed or heading to the sofa with your laptop. The best course of action is to set up an allocated work area, and if you don't have a home office or desk then we suggest setting up at your dining room table. Not only will this help to make you feel like you're working within an 'office space' but it will also help to maintain good posture, avoid distractions (like the TV) and most importantly leave work behind at the end of the day. Our next tip is to stick to your routines! This means sticking to your working hours set by your company. Be ready to start work when you would usually arrive at the office. That also means going to bed at the usual time too! As well as this, ensure that you're taking your usual breaks, and don't be tempted to put extra hours in unless it's absolutely necessary, as this too can interrupt your usual routine. Another top tip to working from home is to minimise distractions! If you like us, are used to working in a busy environment, quietness can feel strange. We recommend popping the radio on low for a bit of background noise to help you settle into your new 'office'. Our next tip is to use your commute time! So, whilst you may not miss the travel time or the traffic, try not to fall into the trap of using the time for that extra lie-in. Instead, use this time to stretch your legs and get some well needed fresh air before starting work. Our final tip is to get dressed, and that INCLUDES a good, comfortable bra! Getting changed out of those ever so comfy pyjamas can lift your mood dramatically and gets you ready to start work. So, put on your comfiest bra and some clean clothes and be ready for a creative working from home day!

Here are our staff picks of the best bras to wear whilst working from home!


Just because there's no wire, that doesn't mean that they lack support! Here at The Bra Consultancy, we have a fantastic range of non-wired bras, that will give you the support you need whilst you're working from home. 

Julie recommends our Ancona Non-Wired Bra, available in a versatile Frappe colourway.

"This is the perfect working from home bra, soft and comfortable whilst still having the seam structure to leave you with an uplifted shape. This bra has wide comfort straps to help distribute bust weight across my shoulders for all-day comfort."


These will have slightly more support than the standard non-wired bra, but that's because they have a specific job to do! So, if you're planning that morning jog or even a garden yoga session, this may be the option for you. 

Kayleigh recommends our Panache Sports Bras, available in both wired and non-wired variations.

 "I couldn't be without my sports bra, it's super comfortable whilst still giving me firm support that I like to have. The wide padded shoulder straps help to distribute bust weight across my shoulders, and the breathable outer fabric makes this my perfect working from home companion." 

T-Shirt Bra

Our non-wired T-Shirt Bras are comfy and smooth! They have a soft underband with no wires for all-day working from home comfort and seam-free cups for that smooth finish under all your clothes. 

Julie recommends the Maisie Bra, available in a beautiful Coral colourway. 

"I love this! I can wear this bra all day whilst working from home and it gives me such an amazing shape under my clothes. I particularly love the coral colour, it makes me feel ready for the summer months to come!"

Kayleigh recommends the Lisa Bra, a firm favourite T-Shirt Bra without the moulding. 

"The Lisa Bra is one of my absolute favourite working from home bras, particularly during the warmer months. It has a light and airy feel that makes this bra so comfortable to wear all day long! As well as this, the seam free, non-moulded cups gives me a smooth look under my clothes without adding the extra bulk that usually comes with wearing moulded T-Shirt Bras."

If you have any questions about the best working from home bra for you, drop us an email at or a call on 07507741025.

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