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Busting Bra Myths!

In this post, we want to 'Bust' the most believed 'Bra Myths' (pun intended). Throughout, we will outline the biggest myths that we come across everyday and give you our expert advise on the subject of all things lingerie!

1. You cannot sleep in a bra.

This is not true! Whilst we would recommend sleeping in a non-wired or purpose structured sleep bra, there is no reason why you shouldn't wear a bra to bed! In fact, larger busted ladies sometimes prefer to sleep in a bra to increase comfort whilst they sleep.

2. "I cannot wear padded bras as they make me look even bigger".

This is a very common myth, most moulded bras do not make you any larger, instead they give the wearer a more rounded shape, extra lift and to conceal nipples. The only padded bras that will make you look larger are those with graduating pads.

3. Asymmetric Breasts.

This is actually true! Most women have one breast larger than the other, and for many it is the left breast that is larger than the right. This is because your left side is where your heart lies.

4. "White bras look best under white tops".

This is another myth! In fact, under your white and light summer tops it is best to wear either a nude or soft pink bra depending on your undertones. White actually shows up more!

5. Your Shoulder Straps are Supporting your Bust.

This is another misconception that we often come across. In fact, it should be your band that supports the bust, with 80% of the weight being distributed across the back on only 20% over your shoulder straps. When this is not the case, ladies can end up with shoulder indentations, as well as serious back and neck pain.

6. 'I'm a 34D in everything'

Every bra can come up slightly differently, therefore you can be a different size in different bras! This can vary across brands and shapes within a brand. To ensure that you are in the correct size for you, it is so important to make sure that you're fitted into every single bra that you buy.

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