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Simone Perele

Beige Minimalist Stay Tuned Coming Soon Instagram Post

This was Simone Pérèle's vision when she opened her lingerie atelier in Paris in 1948. Trained as a corset maker, Simone Pérèle was ready to break away from tradition and blaze a new trail.

Her Mission? To design lingerie that allowed women to be themselves, to embrace their natural forms and inspire their sense of confidence and love of beauty. Simone Pérèle created a new era in lingerie.


Simone Pérèle is more than lingerie, it's an experience, an opportunity to experience beauty and comfort, simplicity and exquisite detail, versatility and glamour.  

Prices starting from £65. Please pop in store to view our entire Simone Perele Collection, or book an appointment with one of our Fit Experts to try the full collection now!

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